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The Person You Lean on in a Lonely Hour

What makes it lonely is not just the suddenness, the sense of loss, the grief. It is also the bewilderment, the strangeness, the wondering what to do.

Your own need then…at once…is someone to lean on. Someone who can replace the confusion with calm, doubts with certainty, questions with answers. Your own need then…is someone who knows what to do…and goes about doing it quietly, gently, with efficiency and dignity.

This is what your funeral director has been trained by education, apprenticeship and experience to be…and to do. This is his mission. To be an island of calm. To counsel. To help. To reassure.

His experience and understanding make it easy for you to make the decisions you alone must make about the type of service, where it will be held.

He puts at your disposal the facilities of the funeral home and takes care of an almost unbelievable multitude of necessary details.

But beyond all the necessary physical things he does, what the family invariably remembers and treasures most is that here, in their lonely hour, was a person they could lean on, depend on.

There is such a person in your community. Possibly a number of them. You undoubtedly know them. They are good citizens, good neighbors. People who take pride in their profession and their practice of it. Just as you consult your attorney and your doctor in advance of the need, wouldn’t it be equally wise to choose and establish and equally reassuring relationship with your funeral director?


The Fielding family has had the privilege of serving this community for more than ninety-five years in their most critical time of need. Since Julius P. L. Fielding established Fielding’s Home for Funerals we have worked to provide the very best and caring services to our clientele.

During these ninety-five years of our existence Fielding has diligently tried to give back some of the love and support that we have received from our “Low country family”. We have expanded our grandfather’s dream to three chapels conveniently located — downtown Charleston , N. Charleston, and Young’s Island — offering pre-need, at-need, cremation, national and international arrangements.

Fielding’s staff is committed and highly skilled at their craft. Through three generations our ancient art has been passed from father to son and practiced with the utmost confidence and discretion. Over the years we have invested heavily in their continued training through attendance at trade meetings and continuing education.

We are a family owned privately held company constantly endeavoring to improve our services and products for our families. The Charleston area has changed drastically from the days when our grandfather served the islands by ferry but we still have the same commitment to our public. We will continue to improve our services and facilities for the satisfaction of our discerning public. Our staff is trained to provide meaningful, affordable funeral memories or shipment to other states and countries.

This site is in part the Fielding family’s continued effort to elicit your participation in our family’s journey, there is a place on this site to contribute your experiences with our family.

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